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ScriptFTP 4.5

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ScriptFTP 4.0

  ScriptFTP 是一个脚本驱动的FTP客户端程序,可以定时自动地传输你的文件,使同步文件,服务器更新,文件备份这样重复性的工作更加容易、快速。

ScriptFTP 4.x | 4.5 Mb

ScriptFTP is a FTP client designed to automate file transfers. It follows the commands written on a text file (also called script file) and make the transfers automatically. Writing the script file is very easy, take a look at the script samples section.

- Automated FTP and secure FTP transfers.
- Powerful and easy script language. Many examples.
- Upload/Download a set of files or directories.
- Synchronization. Transfer only modified files.
- Script Scheduling. Execute your transfers periodically.
- ZIP file creation for automated backups.
- Report script results via email.
- Batch integration.
- File logging. Log all the transfer details on a text file.
- Error handling. Make your scripts fault tolerant.
- Execute external programs within the script.
- Multiple file renaming.
- Delete remote directory trees.
- Get environment variables within the script.

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