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Rational Acoustics Smaart

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Rational Acoustics Smaart MacOSX

Smaart Pro的基本功能有实时频谱分析仪。可以同时存储两组信号进行比较,对于系统调校至为方便。

在SIA-Smaart Pro的Real-Time Module实时模块上,将功能扩展,实时显示相位和Fixed Point Per Octave(FPPO)固定点倍频程传递函数。FPPO可以在整个音频频谱上提供同等的频率分辨率,更容易地观察信号,让分析工作更容易更准确。

Real-Time Module实时模块内的Delay Locator延时装置器,懂得自动计算延时时间,然后自动设定延时值。而且容许储存、显示、比较多组的记录。例如将一个音源信号经过音响系统,然后由扬声器发出,将接收回来的信号和音源信号作比较,分析电信号和声信号的差异。

SIA-Smaart Pro的功能非常强大,假若要购买一台相当功能和精度的专用仪器,价格肯定不菲。现在只要你拥有一台手提电脑。加上一套软件,一切都解决了。


Rational Acoustics Smaart 8.x| 17.6 MB

Smaart v8 is the most powerful, flexible and adaptable version of Smaart to date. From studio to stadium, shop to show, Smaart v8 fits the needs of any measurement situation. With Smaart v8, we are breaking out of the single window, fixed GUI world to allow increased control over your software environment, allowing you to adapt and expand Smaart to better match your specific applications.

Smaart v8 offers new ways to manage your data and your measurement environment, new multi-window capability, a new tab-based interface, added functionality for use on tablets and touch screen computers, computer-to-computer API capability and much, much more.

Easier, More Intuitive Measurement Configuration
The measurement configuration process has been updated to provide an easier, more intuitive workflow – adding automatic measurement creation and management functionality to streamline configuration and support a “build-on-the-fly” process that is often an operational necessity.

- New program workflow takes you through device selection/configuration and automatically creates Spectrum measurements
- Device and measurement configuration is managed through a single window
- Input metering right in the I-O Config, check your inputs before you even create measurements
- Creating a Transfer Function measurement now automatically creates the accompanying Spectrum contributors to it.
- Measurement creation on-the-fly from the main interface

Tab-Based Interface
Many users expressed a desire for a tab-based interface where one could configure and switch between multiple workspaces, so we have expanded the basic “measurement group” paradigm from v7 and now organize our configurations into tabs which include not only the configured measurements, but also the layout and plot view as well.

Multi-Window Capability
We have added the ability to drive multiple windows, each containing its own set of tabbed workspaces. It is like being able to run multiple sessions of Smaart simultaneously.

Hide/Show Interface Controls
We heard from many users that they really liked the hide/show data bar feature available in Smaart v.7 Di because it gave them the ability to maximize the plot area, especially during show time. So we took that concept a step further in v8 and applied it to all interface control elements

Command Bar
The increased use of Smaart on tablet/touch screen computers complicated using Hot-Key commands. To address this, we added a command menu and a user-configurable command bar of large, touch-friendly buttons that can be used to call any of Smaart’s keyboard-based, Hot-key commands.

Improved Data Storage & APL
For static data, we have overhauled the trace storage process to allow for better direct access to your larger file structure of captured traces, without cluttering up active memory space trying to keep everything loaded in RAM in case you need it.

The new Active Plot Legend, or APL, window details the contents of the active/selected plot, showing the names, colors and trace offsets of Live and static data traces – as well as providing the controls for hiding/showing the traces.

Broadband Metering
A long-time user requested feature is the ability to continuously view input signal levels, as well as monitor parameters such as SPL and LEQ for multiple inputs simultaneously. For this we created the Broadband Meters window. This mode-less window can be configured to monitor any of Smaart’s input signals via a simple grid configuration process.

Integrated Smaart I-O Control
Control for the Smaart I-O gain and phantom power are now integrated directly into the Smaart v8 interface.

Smaart-to-Smaart API
Smaart’s integrated API allows any copy of Smaart v8 to act as a host to any other copy of Smaart v8, meaning you can create a rig with one computer acquiring the input signals and performing the measurement computations, while another acts as a client and remotely accesses the measurement data. This capability then allows your v8 measurement environment to be spread, not just across multiple monitors, but across multiple computers.

System Requirements:
- Operating System: Mac OSX 10.7 (32 + 64 bit) or newer
- CPU: 2 GHz Dual-Core Intel i5 or faster
- RAM: 2 GB or greater
- Graphics: Intel HD4000 or better, or 256 MB dedicated video RAM.
- Sound Hardware: Audio Hardware with compatible Core Audio device drivers.

OS - MacOSX 10.8 or Later
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