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Introduction to Project Management & the PMP® Exam

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Introduction to Project Management & the PMP® Exam

Introduction to Project Management & the PMP® Exam
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In this course, designed to align with the PMBOK® Guide 6th Edition and the newest PMI® standards, you'll learn if the PMP®, the gold standard in project management certifications, is right for you and begin your learning journey.

The Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification is recognized worldwide as one of the most valuable certifications for professionals in IT and many other industries. In this course, Introduction to Project Management & the PMP® Exam, you’ll learn if earning a PMP® is the right choice for your career development, what prerequisites must be met in order to take the certification exam, what to expect from the test itself, and how to compile and submit your application. After that, you’ll be introduced to foundational project management principles that can help you better understand what sets project management apart from the day-to-day managerial needs of organizations, and be introduced to the content that will be covered throughout this learning path. This course, and all others in this learning path, are fully aligned with the newest version of the PMP® exam’s objectives and the 6th Edition of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). Completion of this course and others in the series will help you completely fulfill the mandatory training requirement for the PMP® exam, and can also be used to earn continuing education credit for those who have already earned their certification. By the end of this course, you’ll know if earning a PMP® is right for you, and take valuable first steps to prepare for the certification.

Introduction to Project Management & the PMP® Exam

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  1. PMP考试和项目管理简介 本教程与PMBOK指南第六版和最新的PMI标准一致,你将会了解到是否PMP,这个项目管理认证中的黄金标准,适用于你和开始你的学习。 PMP认证被世界广泛认可为IT和许多行业中的专业人士最有价值的认证。在本教程中,你将学习到获取PMP是否是你职业发展的正确选择,在认证考试过程中有哪些先决条件需要被打倒,对考试本身有什么期待,以及如何编辑和提交你的申请。然后,你将学习基本的项目管理原理,可以帮助你更好地理解什么将项目管理从每日日常的企业管理需求分离开来,以及了解整个学习中所讲到的内容。本教程以及所有在本学习路径中的其他教程,与最新版的PMP考试目标和PMBOK指南第六版保持一致。学习完本教程和其他系列教程,将会帮助你完整地学习PMP考试的强制培训需求,并还可以被用作其认证的继续教育学分。
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