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Digital Film Tools EZ Mask 3.0v5.1 MacOS

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Digital Film Tools EZ Mask 3.0v5.1 macOS

Adobe Photoshop插件,去除图像背景的工具。产生通道遮罩,会对原始图像进行修改。感觉只适合抠背景与前景反差较大的内容。

Digital Film Tools EZ Mask 3.0v5.1 macOS | 28.1 MB

EZ Mask is an easy to use interactive image masking tool capable of extracting almost any object in an image–even if you are dealing with fine hair detail, smoke, or reflections. To work this magic, EZ Mask iteratively estimates the transparency value for every pixel in the image, based on a small sample of foreground (what you want to cut out) and background pixels marked by simple strokes on the image. There is even a Refine mode where EZ Mask automatically updates the mask or composite as you paint a stroke. In addition, the foreground colors are estimated in the semi-transparent areas to create a seamless composite.

Key Features:
- Stroke based masking
- Capable of extracting almost any object in an image
- Excels with fine hair detail, smoke, or reflections
- Interactive Refine mode to finesse the mask
- Edge color estimation prevents fringing to create a seamless composite
- Blue/Green spill suppression
- Foreground color correction, position, scaling, rotation and corner-pinning

What's New in Version 3.0v5:

macOS Sierra Support
- EZMask is now compatible with macOS Sierra.

System Requirements:
- Adobe Photoshop CS5 and up (64 Bit Only)
- Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 and up (Non-app store version)
- Apple Photoshop Lightroom 3 and up
- Macintosh Multicore Intel® processor
- Mac OSX 10.8.x and up

Homepage - http://www.digitalfilmtools.com/

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