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Wavesfactory Spectre 1.0.2

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Wavesfactory Spectre 1.0.2

Wavesfactory 的 Spectre 是一个声音塑形工具,结合了增强参量均衡和多段增强器。Spectre 可以让你从各种基于经典录音硬件的算法中选择为你的音频加入谐波内容。

Spectre 不同于传统均衡器根据所要呈现的音频来削减或提升乐队的音量。Spectre 加入了在原录音中不存在的谐波内容,为传统的 EQ 带来了色彩和活力,这种能够在音频频谱中提供近乎虚构的内容的能力我们称之为“Spectre”。

Spectre 特点

  • 增强/激励 5 个并行参量频段。
  • 图示均衡的工作流程,每个频段带频率、Q 值和增益参数。
  • 从 8 不同的饱和算法选择得到不同的色彩:Tube、Tape、Solid、Warm Tube、Class A、Diode、Bit、Digital。
  • 附加的“干净”通道可以将 Spectre 转换成一个并行增强 EQ。
  • 可选 4x 和 6x 过采样模式,即使采用激进的设置也不会出现锯齿现象。
  • Spectre 可以处理单声道/立体声,左或右,以及中或侧通道。

Wavesfactory Spectre 1.0.2 | 5.5 Mb

Spectre is a sound-shaping tool that combines the best features of an enhancer coupled with a graphical parametric equaliser. Spectre processes the difference between the input signal and the EQ signal, introducing harmonic content to just the part of the spectrum that you want from a variety of saturation algorithms based on classic recording hardware.

Spectre can be used on individual tracks, sub-mixes, the entire mix and is ideal for mastering.

System Requirements

Mac OSX:

10.7 or higher.
DAW capable of hosting VST or AU, or Pro Tools.
Intel processor.


Windows 7, 8 or 10.
DAW capable of hosting VST plug-ins, or Pro Tools.

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