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Wolfram SystemModeler v5.1.0

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Wolfram SystemModeler v5.1.0

由 Wolfram MathCore 开发的 Wolfram SystemModeler是基于 Modelica 语言的工程开发平台,以及生命科学建模和仿真平台。它提供了互动的图形建模和仿真环境,以及一套自定义的组件库。

Wolfram SystemModeler 功能包括:

基于非专有、面向对象、基于方程 的 Modelica 语言。
用于基于方程的 Modelica 建模、仿真、文档化和分析的文本用户界面
与 Mathematica 集成,实现模型和仿真的分析和文档化处理

Wolfram SystemModeler v5.1.0 | 190 MB

Our goal with SystemModeler is to provide a state-of-the-art environment for modeling, simulation—and analytics—that leverages the Wolfram technology stack and builds on the Modelica standard for systems description (that we helped to develop). SystemModeler is routinely used by the world’s engineering organizations on some of the world’s most complex engineering systems—as well as in fields such as life sciences and social science.

We’ve been pursuing the development of what is now SystemModeler for more than 15 years, adding more and more sophistication to the capabilities of the system. And today we’re pleased to announce the latest step forward: SystemModeler 5.

As part of the 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 sequence of releases, we completely rebuilt and modernized the core computational kernel of SystemModeler. Now in SystemModeler 5, we’re able to build on this extremely strong framework to add a whole variety of new capabilities.

Some of the headlines include:

  • Support for continuous media such as fluids and gases, using the latest Modelica libraries
  • Almost 200 additional Modelica components, including Media, PowerConverters and Noise libraries
  • Complete visual redesign of almost 6000 icons, for consistency and improved readability
  • Support for new GUI workspaces optimized for different levels of development and presentation
  • Almost 500 built-in example models for easy exploration and learning
  • Modular reconfigurability, allowing different parts of models to be easily switched and modified
  • Symbolic parametric simulation: the ability to create a fully computable object representing variations of model parameters
  • Importing and exporting FMI 2 models for broad model interchange and system integration

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  1. 貌似其中的注册机来自5.0版,对这个5.1版没有用。很遗憾
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