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Lynda – Photoshop: Working Faster

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Intermediate | 2h 22m | 498 MB | Software used: Photoshop

Title: Lynda – Photoshop: Working Faster

Info: Do you ever find that it takes forever to improve and finish your images in Photoshop? In this brief course, veteran photographer Chris Orwig shares practical tips that can help you work faster and smarter with this essential software. Chris covers several key topics, including nondestructive filters, adjustment layers, masking, blend modes, brush sizes, and more. Throughout the course, he also provides advanced time-saving tips and shortcuts that can help you truly harness the power of Photoshop.

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  1. Lynda - Photoshop快速上手 你是否曾经发现在Photoshop中要花上无尽的时间改善和完成你的图片?在这部简短的教程中,行业老鸟也是摄影师Chrs Orwig会分享能够帮助你工作速度提升,也更智能地使用这款必备软件的使用技巧。Chris会讲到几个重要的主题,包括无损滤镜、调整层、蒙版、混合模式、笔刷尺寸等。通过本教程,他还会讲到高级的节省时间的技巧以及帮助你真正掌握Photoshop功能的快捷方式。
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