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Amazon Web Services: Data Analytics

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Amazon Web Services: Data Analytics
Amazon Web Services: Data Analytics
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Many modern organizations have a wealth of data that they can draw from to inform their decisions. But all of this information can't truly benefit a business unless the professionals working with that data can efficiently extract meaningful insights from it. Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers data scientists an array of tools and services that they can leverage to analyze data. In this course, learn about best practices, patterns, and tools for designing and implementing data analytics using AWS. Explore key analytics concepts, common methods of approaching analytics challenges, and how to work with services such as Athena, RDS, and QuickSight. Plus, discover how to visualize text-based data in a more visually intuitive way, use partner solutions for analytics from the AWS Marketplace, and more.

Topics include:

  • AWS analytics design concepts
  • Files vs. databases
  • Which analytics type to use
  • Using code tools for analytics 
  • AWS IoT device message analytics
  • Working with data using Spark commands
  • Using AWS QuickSight for visualizations
  • Top analytics architectural patterns and their associated AWS services

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  1. Amazon Web服务:数据分析 许多现代组织都拥有大量的数据,他们可以从中提取信息以做出决策。但是所有这些信息不能直接领企业受益,除非通过专业人士处理这些数据,否则不能有效地从中得到真正的洞察。AWS为数据科学家提供了大量的工具和服务,可以用来分析数据。在本教程中,你将学习使用AWS用于设计和部署数据分析最佳实践、模式和工具。了解关键的分析概念、常见的处理数据分析挑战的工具,以及使用如Athena、RDS和QuickSight这样的服务。另外,还会了解如何以可视化的直观方式可视化基于文本的数据,使用伙伴解决方案用于从AWS Marketplace分析等。 主要内容: • AWS分析设计该你 • 文件vs.数据库 • 应使用哪款分析类型 • 使用代码工具用于分析 • AWS物联网设备消息分析 • 使用Spark命令处理数据 • 使用AWS QuickSight可视化 顶层分析架构模式和他们相关的AWS服务
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