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Big Picture: Enterprise Data Management

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Big Picture: Enterprise Data Management
Big Picture: Enterprise Data Management
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Data has become ‘the’ corporate asset of the twenty-first century. In this course, you will learn how organizations manage data through the many disciplines of enterprise data management, such as governance, modeling, engineering, and analytics.

Over the last decade, technology has given us the ability to generate, obtain, and analyze data in more ways than ever before. It has become essential for you to develop the understanding of managing data on an enterprise level. In this course, Big Picture: Enterprise Data Management, you will learn about the various disciplines of data management. First, you will discover what data governance is and how you might want to implement a governance program for your organization. Next, you will cover data modeling and data architecture, including the topics of MDM and Blockchain technology. Then, you will explore the disciplines of database administration and data development. Finally, you will learn about business intelligence and reporting, big data and data engineering, and data science, including data analytics, machine learning, and data visualization. By the end of the course, you will have a firm understanding of enterprise data management and why you need an enterprise data strategy, what the various disciplines do, and how to build a data-driven culture in your organization.

Big Picture: Enterprise Data Management

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  1. 数据已成为第二十一世纪的 "企业资产"。在本课程中, 您将了解组织如何通过企业数据管理的许多学科 (如治理、建模、工程和分析) 管理数据。 在过去的十年中, 技术使我们能够以比以往任何时候更多的方式生成、获取和分析数据。对管理企业级数据的理解变得非常重要。在本课程中, 大图: 企业数据管理, 您将了解到各种学科的数据管理。首先, 您将发现数据管理是什么, 以及您可能希望如何实现组织的管理程序。接下来, 您将覆盖数据建模和数据体系结构, 包括 MDM 和 Blockchain 技术的主题。然后, 您将探索数据库管理和数据开发的学科。最后, 您将了解商务智能和报告、大型数据和数据工程以及数据科学, 包括数据分析、机器学习和数据可视化。在课程结束时, 您将能很好地理解企业数据管理, 以及为什么需要企业数据策略、各种学科的工作以及如何在组织中构建数据驱动的文化。
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